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2002 Mini-Reunion - Cincinnati, OH

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A mini-reunion was held at Cook's restaurant in Cincinnati. Seven LKS shipmates attended and a great time was had by all. The time that these shipmates covered while serving on the Swenson was from 1944 through 1970.

When Vic Johansen (SO2 1944-46) learned that Don Sinder (STCS 1968-1970) was going to be in Cincinnati, he contacted Roy Hasenjaeger (RD2 1950-53), Jack Landman (PHM 1945-1947), Ivan Bixler (SN2 1946), Danny Bowman (GSGT, USMC, retired and son of Aldo Paglierani (WT2 1944-1945), and, via cell phone, Aldo Paglierani.

Jack brought some pictures taken in 1946 to the meeting including one of himself and another, unidentified, sailor standing on the fantail of the Swenson. Jack passed them to Don who was sitting between Jack and Ivan Bixler. When Don finished viewing the pictures he passed them to Ivan who, upon seeing the picture of Jack and the other sailor on the fantail exclaimed, "That's me!" During the meeting Danny Bowman called his father, Aldo Paglierani, in South Carolina and everyone had a chance to speak with Aldo who was waiting for transportation to the hospital to check out his back to see if he had hurt anything while pulling an engine from a car earlier that morning. Aldo, now 84 and who was born 04/24/18, was told by all that he should really try using an engine hoist in the future. (Just another example of a typical Swenson sailor.)

Everyone had a great time, got to see some great photos and hear some great sea stories. Thanks go out to Don Snider for the photos and information.


Ivan Bixler and Jack Landman - 1946

Jack Landman and Ivan Bixler - 2002

Ivan Bixler.

Jack Landman.


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