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In order to file a successful claim with the VA relative to an illness likely to have been caused by exposure to Agent Orange, the claimant must provide documentation that they were stationed in a area in which they may have been exposed. The below links provide information relative to such claims.

1964 Deck Log - Documents Lyman K. Swenson tied up to Pier B in Saigon, May 4 - 5, 1964. This is a .pdf document that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer you may get it free by clicking Here.

In November of 2018 the VA released an updated list of Blue Water Ships that are now considered Brown Water ships - thus all crewmembers serving during the specified times are granted in-county status and given full presumption of exposure to herbicides.


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Click Here for a list of diseases recognized by the VA as being associated with Agent Orange.


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Mesothelioma help for veterans at


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Mesothelioma Symptoms is an extensive database of information and resources for patients and their families to better understand the symptoms of mesothelioma and the various aspects of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.



Go to for information.




Information on Mesothelioma that s helpful to veterans may be found at Mesothelioma Web



For more information on Mesothelioma and Navy Veterans please see the resources at the Mesothelioma Cancer Center at Important information for veterans who may have been exposed to asbestos while serving in the United States Military.