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All of the below images and information were graciously provided by Capt. Robert A. Schelling. Thanks, Captain.

The Swenson departing San Diego, CA in early 1950. Destination, Korea.

The Korean peninsula with the 38th parallel, Inchon and the Pusan perimeter defined.

The Pusan Perimter detailed.

Overview of Wolmi-do/Inchon detailing the "Sitting Ducks" fire stations. Sept. 14.

Overview of Wolmi-do/Inchon detailing the "Sitting Ducks" positions on Sept. 15.
Note the SOUTHERLAND has replaced the COLLETT which suffered serious
damage the previous day.

The SWENSON in action at Station #3 at the time of the Marine
assault landing on Wolmi-do at 0630 on 09/15/50.

Article of Sept. 16 by Associated Press reporter Relman Morin from aboard the ROCHESTER describing the action in the previous days and the first use of the term "sitting ducks" to describe the destroyers' positions.

The SWENSON entering Pearl Harbor, 11/10/50.

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