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Navy Unit Commendation FB3-5:15:01
Serial: 144 21 September 1950

From: Commander Fire Support Group (CTG 90.6) -(Commander Cruiser Division FIVE) To: The Destroyer Element (TE 90.62) ----(Commanding Officer, USS MANSFIELD (DD728) ----(Commanding Officer, USS DEHAVEN (DD727) ----(Commanding Officer, USS COLLETT (DD730) ----(Commanding Officer, USS LYMAN K. SWENSON (DD729) ----(Commanding Officer, USS HENDERSON (DD785) ----(Commanding Officer, USS GURKE (DD783) Subj: Commendation for Services rendered during the bombardment of Inchon, Korea, 13-15 September 1950 1. Commander Cruiser Division FIVE desires to commend the officers and crew of the ships under his command for their meritorious services rendered in support of this Task Group during its recent operation against Inchon, Korea. 2. The ship under your command distinguished itself by extraordinary heroism in action with the enemy and exhibiting gallantry and determination in overcoming difficult and hazardous conditions beyond the call of duty. During the period 3-15 September 1950, the MANSFIELD (DD727), DEHAVEN (DD728), LYMAN K. SWENSON (DD729), COLLETT (DD730), GURKE (DD783), and HENDERSON (DD785), navigated for the first time the difficult approaches to Inchon, Korea, through hostile enemy waters, under tide and current conditions well recognized for their navigational hazards and entered the well fortified harbor of INCHON. Anchoring within close range of the enemy shore defenses the destroyers returned with deliberate and decisive accuracy, the heavy counter battery fire of the hidden enemy gun emplacements ashore and, although receiving numerous hits and some casualties refused to depart from their assigned stations until their scheduled time of withdrawal, at which time they retired down the channel to await reentry for the next scheduled bombardment. Well knowing that with each entry the possibility of their meeting with additional resistance was increased, these ships transited a mine field, gallantly passed close to the shore fortification and, by determined precise bombardment effectively reduced the defenses of the port sufficiently to permit the successful landing of the United Nations Amphibious Forces on 15 September. 3. By their aggressive action and bold execution of the operation the destroyers were responsible for the landing of a large amphibious force within a narrow confined area and with the loss of scarcely any lives. Their outstanding conduct and successful execution of the operation have been an immediate major contribution to the war effort of the Korean Campaign and in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Navy. 4. Commander Cruiser Division FIVE has forwarded to the Task Force Commander recommendations for awards proposed for those ships and personnel most vitally concerned in the attack on Inchon. In the meantime I trust you will express to the officers and crew of your ship my appreciation for their wholehearted and splendid support I received during the entire operation. To each and all a "Well Done". I feel that we have definitely shortened the Korean Campaign by our successful achievement. J. M. HIGGINS
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