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Only days until the 2019 reunion!


The 2019 Reunion will be held at the Omaha Marriott Regency in Omaha, NE,
from Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, September 29.


 A Salute to the Sumner Class Destroyers

         as found in Sea Classics, July 2016.


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             Did You Know:

Captain Robert Schelling was the commanding officer of the Swenson during the Inchon invasion. This is when the Swenson and five other destroyers became known as the "Sitting Ducks." Because of the rate of fire displayed by the Swenson under Captain Schelling's command he became known as "Rapid Robert".
Captain Lyman Knute Swenson's real family name was spelled "Swensen", with an "e". When he entered the Academy and his name was placed on the official roster, a yeoman misspelled his name as "Swenson", with an "o". Needless to say, in true military fashion, this was unchangeable. Henceforth Lyman K. Swensen was to be identified as Lyman K. Swenson.
The USS Lyman K. Swenson was decommissioned on February 12, 1971. Twenty seven years to the day after she was launched.
The Sullivan brothers served, and died, aboard the USS Juneau while under the command of Captain Lyman K. Swenson.
The 31st Annual Reunion will be held at the Omaha Marriott Regency in Omaha, NE, Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, September 29, 2019.
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A few years after being decommissioned the Swenson was sold to Taiwan. She was stripped for parts and eventually the hull was used for target practice and sunk at sea.

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